3D Laser Scanning for Design

Jim BaldingTechnology, The InformANT

Leica BLK306

What homeowner keeps a copy of their as-built drawings on hand? Almost no one, it seems. Over the years, as properties are bought and sold, official records and documentation scatter. Most owners of production-built homes have never seen any plans … Read More

For the Love of Our LulzBot Mini 3D Printer

Jim BaldingTechnology, The InformANT

LulzBot 3D Printing at The ANT Group

In October of 2015, The ANT Group moved into a 1914 Craftsman Bungalow Home in Old Towne Orange. The ANT Group is passionate about community building, and we want to use the indoor/outdoor space we’re developing to host local events, mixers, and functions of up to 40 people…

Augmented Reality: Moving Past the “Cool Factor”

Jim BaldingTechnology

Augmented reality (AR) is exciting technology, no bones about it. But as Gilbane vice president Sue Klawans said in the August 2016 MIT Technology Review, “It’s not just new toy.” She was speaking about their pioneering use of the Microsoft HoloLens…

What is BIM?

Jim BaldingTechnology, The InformANT

Broad Museum The ANT Group

Every quarter we will be highlighting a technology that we have come across that works for us.  In this initial article, we will be covering the foundation for most of our technologies—BIM (building information modeling).