Mackay Residence

Life & Legacy of this Family Beach Home

The Mackay home, located on the peninsula in Newport Beach, CA, was built in 1963 as the first home on its block. Purchasing the home from his grandfather, Dan Mackay remembers the times he spent as a kid, lovingly pounding nails alongside his grandfather. Dan is now taking on that job, along with his wife, to make this their own home with a complete renovation in 2018. There is a lot of love and pride in this home, and Dan wanted to be sure to approach any new renovations with the same love.

Dan recalls his grandfather starting the process of building the original home in January of 1963 and finishing in June the same year while working a full-time job. Times have changed, and the renovation requires help from experts in design, construction, and local building officials. Jim Balding of The ANT Group was recommended by a trusted friend, and Dan and his wife were excited to start the process.

A Vision for the Home's Renovation

The 24ft x 60ft duplex home is tucked between taller and larger homes. They wanted a beach house look and started to gather ideas from the area such as a steep-pitched roofs, mullion windows, and Dutch doors. Dan’s wife is an interior decorator, so she had a vision that was both exciting and challenging. Having a vision and knowing what is realistic for the actual building can by difficult, but The ANT Group was able to translate the Mackay’s vision into reality

One of seven different concept sketches.

Technology Helps Realize the Vision

Jim showed up with a sketch pad (iPad) in hand, captured some design concepts, and took those sketches and created a 3D model that both Dan and his wife could review. This allowed both the owners and architect to take different ideas and present them in a perspective that was proportional to the actual home (e.g., seeing a certain size window or roof pitch in 3D to validate if the design ideas could realistically work).

Note: Grab the center buttons and drag left and right to see the design model.

Dan and his wife really appreciated Jim’s willingness to tweak the design with frequent ideas and suggestions. In one case, a copper vent was originally going to be square but when they were presented with a different option in 3D, they loved it and felt it made the house just "pop!" Jim also advised Dan along the way on proper materials to protect against the corrosive atmosphere of living at the ocean—and so the home ages gracefully.

“I realized early on that I was in a bit over my head. Then a friend of mine recommended Jim Balding, and this friend only recommends people who are the ‘real deal,’ so we met with Jim and the rest is history! We’re thrilled about how our family home turned out and we plan to enjoy it for decades to come.”

- Dan Mackay, Homeowner

Permits? The ANT Group to the Rescue!

Finally, pulling permits for construction can be difficult and one can run into multiple challenges. The ANT Group’s experience and quality drawings made this effort considerably less painful. Good drawings expedite the permitting process and is one of the many benefits of working with Jim Balding and The ANT Group.

A Team Effort Always Wins

The initial design evolved from simply changing the roof line and some windows to creating a home that would be the gem of the neighborhood. The ANT Group was there (along with a quality structural engineer) to support the Mackay’s throughout the process creating a new reality for the home that far exceeded their vision.

Dan's grandfather built the house to last 60 years. The ANT Group is proud to have been there to help the Mackay’s ensure their home lasts another 60 years.

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