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  • The ANT Group Architectural Design & Technology

The ANT Group Offers Better Ways to Design & Construct

Born out of the conviction that “there must be a better way” to design and construct the built environment, The Architecture and New Technologies Group (The ANT Group) is driven to find and incorporate technological solutions that benefit the AEC industry. As a full-service architectural firm and design technologies research and development lab, our focus is on minimizing wasted time and material, and optimizing the design process for our clients. We are the architects that use technology to save time, money and heartache. When you work with The ANT Group, whether you’re a private client, an AEC firm, or a property owner, the end result of an optimized process is an optimized building.

“Using the new design technologies in the old paradigm is like buying a nail gun and using it to pound nails.”

– Jim Balding, Founder, The ANT Group

The ANT Group’s Services

Working directly with private clients and consulting with other firms and companies, all of our projects incorporate emerging technologies to your benefit. The ANT Group has several work models.

Private Clients

The ANT Group provides full-service architectural design to private clients. Our design process leverages relevant technologies that are carefully tested and selected for your project based our historical measured success with these applications. The ultimate goal for The ANT Group is to deliver your project on time and on budget while exceeding your design expectations.

AECO Collaboration

The ANT Group works in collaboration with architectural, engineering, and construction firms, as well as property owners (AECO), to help you enhance your current processes and support the implementation of emerging technologies. Services include in-house consulting and technological research and development, as well as BIM implementation and training. The ANT Group also provides outsource modeling support to AECO organizations.

Vendor Collaboration

The ANT Group consults with hardware and software vendors to provide feedback and guidance from the perspective of real-world applications of your products.