The ANT Group’s Technology Expertise

The ANT Group is constantly researching emerging technologies and evaluating their incorporation into design and construction workflows. Our deep understanding of these technologies helps The ANT Group:

  • Select the right applications for designing and delivering your project on time and on budget.
  • Make qualified suggestions to AEC firms on which technologies they should use for which projects, and provide qualified consulting and implementation services.

There are many, many technologies that are changing the face of the design and construction industry. In bringing emergent technologies to our projects, The ANT Group is paving the way for our clients’ success.

The ANT Group’s ever expanding list of technologies currently includes:

Building Information Modeling

While BIM is by no means a new technology, its potential for optimizing the design process and buildings is significant. BIM is a core technology within The ANT Group. Our BIM experience goes as far back as Revit Alpha release 1.0. We have used BIM tools on projects as large as 1.4m s.f. and as small as 300. The ANT Group also consults on BIM Implementation.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is the layering of virtual worlds on top of the real world. The use of this technology is assisting designers in visualizing different solutions, as well as presenting them in a real world setting. Thanks to AR, The ANT Group helps clients can see their building on site before it is actually built. AR will play a major role in design in the near future.

Immersive Environments

Paralleling the innovations in data, storage and processing speed are advances in display technologies. Large, interactive displays can have a profound effect on how the AEC industry designs, collaborates, presents, and builds. The ANT Group is working with several “colonists” (partners) on the next generation of immersive environments.

Digital Fabrication

If the building industry is to continue at the desired pace, efficiencies in the process must take place. Portions of buildings will soon come straight from the design software to fabrication (aka, direct fabrication). The ability to create “one-offs” gives the design team great freedom. The ANT Group collaborates with designers and fabricators to bring unique designs to reality.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning captures 3D, as-built information with great precision. Because we have the right tools, we can quickly convert 3D point clouds to accurate building information models that reflect current conditions. The ANT Group uses 3D laser scanning on renovation projects and we also consults on its merits.

3D Printing

In 3D printing, layers of material are formed under computerized control to create an object. These objects can be of almost any shape or geometry making it an ideal process for creating AEC models. Similar to fabrication, 3D printing also affords the design professional an inexpensive physical model quickly. The ANT Group uses 3D printing to communicate designs.